Foxes Who Love Japan

‘Member that blog a few years ago about things white people like and how one of em was Japan?

The boy is saved from this cliché disgrace by not actually being white or else he would be a little anime-binging cringe machine furtively online shopping for Rising Sun flags and starting every sentence with “In Japan…”

I actually know a girl like that in my real life and she’s a ghastly little nightmare of a human. Because these sorts of cultural appropriation obsessions tend to be nightmarish.

I say all of this as sort of an apologetic preface to this blog post, which is in fact written by a white dude about things from Japan. In my defence, it IS beautiful, and the gacha sets from [[RH]] are just so cute and delicious. Plus… the little fox, as ever, inspires me. And so while as a bad racist joke I wanted to make him a storefront to work in called Matzu’s Nail Saron, I opted instead for this charming little set-up in our ye olde village.


Explor mini projects before taking on big ones and you might surprise yourself! I’ve never done any sort of Asian-style decor before, let alone Japan-specific, but I’ve been plotting a winter Japanese sim for Christmastime with lots of snow and mountains and cherry blossoms. I was a bit nervous about such an undertaking so I let this little restaurant be my experimental foray into that genre. And in doing so, I discovered the aforementioned [[RH]] whose sets are so lovely that they become inspiring enough to have propelled me into charting unknown deco territory. And now I feel more prepared for such a massive undertaking in this theme as a simwide design.



From [[RH]]:

from the Agemono-ya gacha set:

19 [[RH]] AGEMONO-YA -PIYOKICHI- (baby chikin)

4 [[RH]] AGEMONO-YA -NOBORI (croquette)- (flag)

11 [[RH]] AGEMONO-YA- Ryoku Cya- (green teas)

12 [[RH]] AGEMONO-YA – ITTOKAN- (oil)

13 [RH]] AGEMONO-YA -DAI- (working table)

8 [[RH]] AGEMONO-YA -KARAAGE- (fried chicken)
7 [[RH]] AGEMONO-YA -NIKU DANGO- (meat ball)
6 [[RH]] AGEMONO-YA -TEBASAKI- (chicken wing)


18[[RH]] AGEMONOYA -Table-

16 [[RH]] AGEMONOYA Chair (ZABUTON) Blue

from the Oden Yatai gacha set:


11,[[RH]] ODEN YATAI-Kitchen Tools




5,[[RH]] ODEN YATAI-KANZAKE server (touch)




24,[[RH]] ODEN YATAI-ODEN Display B


23,[[RH]] ODEN YATAI-ODEN Display A


from the Chaya gacha set:

16. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (Poster set) SENBEI

16. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (Poster set) AMAZAKE

2. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (AMAZAKE set) AMAZAKE Server [RARE]

15. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (Case B)

10. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (SENBEI set) SENBEIYAKI

3. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (DANGO set) Tare RARE

3. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (DANGO set) DANGO [RARE]

12 [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (Register)

11. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (Register) Table

8. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (YUNOMI)

13. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (Case A set)

25. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (AMAZAKE) Red and White

from the Kingyo gacha set:

6. [[RH]] Kingyo Sukui -Tana- (Gold fish shelf)

7. [[RH]] Kingyo -Tana- (Gold fish in wooden container)

9. [[RH]] Kingyo -Kuro- (Gold fish / Black)

other [[RH]] items:

17, [[RH]] -IZAYOI- WALL DECO (Red)

4. [[RH]] Hoozuki (B) (plant)


The Corner Coffee House – RARE – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] 

Soho Street Wall Lamp – Ex Machina

Neon Signs – Get Out JP – RARE – .random.Matter.

Double Door V2 (White Wood) [tinted red] – [L&T]


Blog & deco by the wolf.

Pictures by the fox.


Wolf & Fox’s Summer Picnic.


It’s a pleasure to show off these beautiful shots (the Fox literally took and edited these photos in approximately two point three minutes while I watched youtube gape-mouthed the entire time he worked on them) of this brand new gacha set, *AF* Picnic by our faves over at Artisan Fantasy.

This is a release for the Gacha Garden, which opens 1 Aug, so I hope you’ll enjoy a sneak peek at how truly exquisitely created these items are and how beautiful they’ll look at your home spaces or on your sims. It’s perfect for a park setting, your back garden, inside your shabby chic kitchen. Wherever. Flaw-free is flaw-free wherever you put it.

This also gives me the opportunity to post the first in the current Wolf & Fox deco project, a Tuscan village and farmscape where this lovely little picnic will stay set up among the sunflowers, geese and poppies keeping our hearts summery warm all project long.

Also, I normally hate deco posts with people in them, BUT LOOK. The gacha set has two quilts (which is textured very obviously lovingly) in Adult and PG, and also! The little cart with the junior sized quilt has really cute poses too. So we just had to show some of what you get when you play this gacha and give you a reason to try hard for those rares because they’re worth it. And there’s a paper lantern gift at the event for you too! And another fun fact: the wine bottle labels match the ones from the Inn gacha. Build yourself a little Artisan Winery Fantasy.

And every bit of it is highly photogenic, as you can see. Zoom in on the close-ups and see for yourself. No flaws detected. It’s such a pleasure to blog about and share something that is truly among the best of the best that SL’s creators have to offer.




*AF* Picnic 1 – Blanket and Pillows RARE ADULT

*AF* Picnic 1 – Blanket and Pillows RARE PG

*AF* Picnic 2 – Cart RARE

*AF* Picnic 3 – Wine Barrel

*AF* Picnic 4 – Lemonade Barrel

*AF* Picnic 5 – Deviled Eggs

*AF* Picnic 6 – Sandwich Basket

*AF* Picnic 7 – Fruit & Cheese

*AF* Picnic 8 – Dessert (not pictured but just as cute as everything else tbh)

*AF* Picnic 9 – Personal Tray

*AF* Picnic 10 – Basket Stack

*AF* Picnic 11 – Bird Watching Seed of Inspiration

*AF* Picnic Basket Seat


Other decor items:

Farm Cart (Primavera in Toscana gacha) – 8f8

Ruins (New Beginnings gacha) – 8f8

First Swim (New Beginnings gacha) – 8f8

Geese (New Beginnings gacha) – 8f8

Cat – 19 Cuddling Pair RARE – (fd)



LemonTreeV1 – LittleBranch

Hydrangea Bush – JIAN

SunFlower Field M2 v1-3 – Hayabusa Design

grass field green 03 – random – [ we’re CLOSED ]

RedPoppies{Field} – LittleBranch

OliveTree – LittleBranch

Mediterranean Cypress – Botanical

Boxwood Bush v2 – Botanical

Terrain textures by HPMD


Blog & deco by the wolf.

Pictures by the fox.

Inn Dreams Pt. II


Here is the second half of the Inn from the previous post, this time a guest room. I like to imagine my guests curling up in the amazing Conquistador bed by Artisan Fantasy with a tour book and plotting the next day of their romantic minibreak with their special someone.

The arrangement of this room is more fox than wolf, which is sort of appropriate: having an Inn is my dream, and my fox boy helps me realise my dreams a little more every day. When papi wolffie was tired, there he was, creating this dreamy set up and giving our united SL another example of a good couple’s teamwork.

I couldn’t dream of a better partner to run my dream Inn with.


Nothing to do with deco or SL, and I really don’t want to be a Smug Couple person or act like I have all or even any answers, but when you find The One, two things I think I’ve learned: a) you’ll know it like you never knew anything before, and b) hang on to him or her for dear life. And another thing: I always liked SL, but I never knew it could bring RL love into my life. It can, and it did. I love you, mijo.

Next on Wolf & Fox Living…

A brand new gacha set from our faves at Artisan Fantasy gets the Wolf & Fox treatment.




Inn Luggage Cart (The Inn gacha)

Conquistador Bed Adult (comes with curtains and without)

Conquistador Screen Adult

Capturado Scrollwork

Conquistador Chair Adult

** All Conquistador items come with texture changing hud with lots of great fabric colour options.


Other items:

Traditional Fireplace – INDULGE

Beauty of Travel Art Stack – INDULGE

eiffel tower marquee – floorplan.

wall compass – brocante.


Blog by the wolf.

Deco & picture by the fox.

[Second] Living my dream.


For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be an innkeeper. Some quiet life where I help tourists find the sights and recommend nice places to eat, help guests have a good holiday, and I think it comes from my family. Since I was little, my family always took my sisters and I on trips. Even when we were small, and my mom and dad were dirt poor, they’d take us somewhere. To teach us about the world, or teach us the value of relaxing, the value of spending time together with people you love and who love you back.

When I started creating this charming little village with the fox on our little sim, I thought about how nice it might be to replicate that here. Just another way for SL to help us dream. I’ll blog more about the village later, but this one (and the one that will follow about the guestroom) is just for the Inn. I named it Auberge Jonquière, after a little city in Québec that I used to work in and that I still love with my whole heart. And thanks to Apple Fall‘s handy Nickel Letters set, I was able to make it look nice.

But what really made me able to realise this little dream of mine properly is the creations available to us in Second Life — heavy wood counters with beautiful marble, wooden tables, comfy couches for resting in a lobby with a cosy fireplace. And those things here are all the work of Artisan Fantasy. Throughout the Inn was able to use pieces from four sets from *AF* that complemented each other seamlessly — the Inn, Conquistador, Capturado, and Hacienda. They’re surprisingly versatile — I used to use the Inn set in a Santorini-style build I had, I used the Hacienda set in the Del Mar house by Redgrave (it’s PERFECT for that by the way) and I have used that Capturado Scrollwork just about everywhere. There are bits and pieces by other places of course to fill in the gaps needed, but in this post, I’ll arrange the credits differently since most are the work of the Artisan Fantasy team.

Also please note the street scene, where you can see adverts I’ve put in for weaves by Tami Roman and the ill-fated clothing line She by Shereé. Mostly to amuse the fox and I, but if there are any House-or-Basketball-Wives fans out there, that one’s for you.

If you look in the store below the Auberge, you can see it’s called Lemmon / Olsonne Bougie Wine & Cheese Imports. Special shout out to my friends Brinks and Kylie, for whom it was named.


The animations featured in the Conquistador and Capturado sets are… I’m just going to say delicious? If you like your filthy poses with elegant antique décor, look no further. Another great little thing about the two rares from the Inn set — the registration desk and the inn key cabinet — is that the desk has a safe that opens and in the Inn Cabinet’s cubbies open to stash little things in. So cute! AND for only 3 LI and 6 LI, respectively.

Next on Wolf & Fox Living…

A peek inside the Auberge Jonquière’s Artisan Fantasy-inspired hotel room.



Interior Picture 1:



from The Inn gacha set:

*AF* Inn Key Cabinet RARE

*AF* Inn Back Counter

*AF* Inn Registration Desk RARE

*AF* Inn Wine Rack

*AF* Inn Lamp

*AF* Inn Front Desk Bell

*AF* Inn Registration Book

*AF* Inn Welcome Slate

*AF* Inn Wine Bottles


*AF* Hacienda Sconce 1 & 2

*AF* Hanging Plant – Pothos


Other pieces:

Room Key E 1 (gacha) – SORGO

Nickel Letters Set (for the Auberge sign I put together) – Apple Fall

more list – brocante. 


Interior Picture 2:


*AF* Tea Cart

*AF* Inn Foot Rug (The Inn gacha)

*AF* Hacienda Console

All other items credited under Picture 1.


Interior Picture 3:


*AF* Hacienda Coffee Table

*AF* Conquistador Couch Adult

*AF* Conquistador Chair Adult

*AF* Hacienda End Table

*AF* Conquistador Lamp

*AF* Money Plant Large

*AF* Hacienda Rug


Other pieces:

unfinished wallpaper / mural – brocante.

Traveler-Roman amphora – ~BAZAR~

Traveler-Book&Clock – ~BAZAR~


Interior Picture 4:


*AF* Hacienda Console

*AF* Hacienda Coffee Table

*AF* Conquistador Couch Adult

*AF* Conquistador Chair Adult

*AF* Hacienda Candles 5

*AF* Hacienda Fireplace – Medium White (tinted)

*AF* Houseplant Dieffenbachia with Shadow

*AF* Hacienda Chandelier

*AF* Milltown Hand Blown Glass Sculpture

*AF* Houseplant Spathiphyllum with Shadow


Other pieces:

Traveler-Books stack – ~BAZAR~


Exterior shot:

Carnaby Row Store – Apple Fall

Park Bench (Cafe in the Park gacha) – RARE – [[ RH ]] (modified to include Tami’s Weaves and She by Shereé)

Chelsea Sign Metal (NY Collection gacha) – BUENO

7 – Vacancy Sign (gacha) – Seven Emporium


Deco & blog by the wolf.

Picture by the fox.

Dark-sided stuff.


What do two curmudgeonly recluses need in their attic? Besides arsenic cookies, a living room built for two with a solitary naughty chair and a storage stash fit for a pair who dabbles in the dark-sided.

Rounding out the featured deco of the Hardwick build is this attic loft which is stuffed with a magic-and-crescent-moon theme of great deco items from some of the best stores on the grid for this kind of witchy appeal. As ever, I’m inspired by my little brujo, who I swear has some sort of psychic ability and who lends a touch of the supernatural to everything he does. He’s got an uncanny ability to suss people out, and a keen observer who sees a little too much in people needs a hideaway perch where the rest of the world shuts out and can be left alone with the enchanted and the dust.

This space was also a good exercise in using large pieces from similar sets to fill a space. Most of the items on the tables and bookshelves are linked in, and so it gives a tired decorator a bit of an easier time in making a room feel full.


The armchair from Tidbits by Kalma Shinn is really nicely textured, and there’s a zillion juicy animations inside — lapdances in particular, some BDSM, some lovely cuddles — all for a reasonable price. Tidbits has yet to make a lot of traction in deco circles, but they perhaps deserve a breakthrough in the nice-meets-naughty niche. Check out her store. She’s a great example of an old school SL creator who’s still doing her own thing without participating in so many of the big events. She’s a self-taught creator who doesn’t have bigtime sponsors, and while that used to be sustainable in SL, the advent of event-shopping has made it hard for small businesses to stake their claim on a piece of the deco market. I think when something is created with heart out of sheer love of creating, it deserves attention. She might lack name recognition right now, but she makes up for it with content in spades.

Next time on Wolf & Fox…

A look at the seamless combo abilities in three of Artisan Fantasy‘s sets.




Hardwick Manor – Apple Fall

Landscaping (Wall Vines):

Garden Vine02 – HPMD

Picture 1 (L to R):

Spell Supply – Divider (Magick Shoppe set) – DRD

Lap Dance Chair *Chesterfield* – Tidbits

Trappe Shelves w/Clutter RARE (Vindeluna gacha) – Plastik

blanket ladder (Wanderlust gacha) – Dust Bunny

crescent moons [gold] (Something Sinister gacha) – hive

Compulsion Plant 1 (Compulsion Plant set) – Compulsion

Cresce Planter:// Dark (Vindeluna gacha) – Plastik

Birdy SideTable – GA Home

Magic Potions – SPELL (sale on now!)

*AF* Hanging Plant – Pothos – Artisan Fantasy

Tri Witch Supplies RARE (Vindeluna gacha) – Plastik

Picture 2 (L to R):

Hanging Herbs (gacha) – (fd)

darling hanging plant – Dust Bunny

Rustic Painted Shelf – White (Worn White Bracket) – +Half-Deer+

Potions – SPELL (sale on now!)

Claw Foot Crystal Holder:// Dark (Vindeluna gacha) – Plastik

Rholite Succulents (Vindeluna gacha) – Plastik

Cresce Planter:// Light (Vindeluna gacha) – Plastik

Picture 3 (L to R):

*AF* Hanging Plant – Pothos – Artisan Fantasy

Tri Witch Supplies RARE (Vindeluna gacha) – Plastik

Charlottes Shelf (Vagabond gacha) – DRD

Moona Shelves & Decor RARE (Vindeluna gacha) – Plastik

Picture 4 (L to R):

raw crystal chandelier – dark – [ keke ]

Eowyns Storage (Vagabond gacha) – DRD

Front Counter (Magick Shoppe set) – DRD

Hellam Succulent Bowl – The Loft

Laurel ritual – SPELL (sale on now!)

Potion Cabinet (The Witching Hour gacha) – MadPea

Spell Supply – Display Two (Magick Shoppe set) – DRD


Deco & blog by the wolf.

Picture by the fox.

Up the Down [green] Staircase.


In my post about the kitchen, I talked about how I carried the green theme from the conservatory and kitchen space all throughout the Hardwick build via the staircase in the centre of the house. As mentioned before, I think it lends some continuity of design theme to the project and helps keep it focused so that you can safely wander off to explore different styles and themes in one house without losing too much of what makes it flow.

The greens in the HPMD vine set are really pretty in here, set against the cracked plaster wall, with nothing competing with them. In the kitchen, they were the backdrop, but here, they’re the centrepiece. They function perfectly in both roles.

Through the archway you can peek into the little magic nook where the fox boy and I cook up some of our potions. Mostly to make each other laugh or seduce each other but maybe a devious little scheme here and there. The couple who plots together stays together.

I’m one of those decorators who loves clutter, but as this lovely picture taken by the fox showcases, a little breathing room goes a long way.


Are you not bougie but want people to think you are? Deluded enough like me to fancy yourself among the gods and wish to keep company with another one? Feeling just a little tacky for fun but not in the mood for a full on Persian Conversion? Throw in a statue of Aphrodite, like this gorgeous one from MedievalFantasy. Here we see the goddess of love glowering disdainfully at our insufficient offering of mere flower petals in a tin tub.




Hardwick Manor – Apple Fall

Landscaping (Wall Vines):

Garden Vine02 – HPMD

Aphrodite & the offering:

Clothed aphrodite statue – MedievalFantasy

Rose Bucket (New Beginnings gacha) – 8f8

Climbing Plant Green (gacha) – (fd)

chandelier [metal] – hive

In the nook through the archway (L to R:

Swivel Hourglass (Vindeluna gacha) – Plastik

industrial wall light – masonjar – DRD

Hanging Lavender (Apothecary gacha) – Artisan Fantasy

candle drop 1 gold & candle drop 2 gold – revival

boho curtain. – junk.

Star Curtain [Narrow / Blink] gold+silver – Oberon’s Trick

Brujas {Table set} Light Wood – ionic

Quare Planter (Vindeluna gacha) – Plastik

shimmer dust – [ keke ]

Woollen Rug – [ zerkalo ]


Deco & blog by the wolf.

Picture by the fox.

Dirty Charm.


Who says you can’t be a little bit filthy and not still a little bit quaint? Not every kinkster’s bedroom has to look like some sort of red-draped bordello-style den of iniquity. This room is a comfortable mix of old and new, dark and light, naughty and nice.

No person is only one thing, and whenever I see a bedroom designed to look like just one thing I’m a little suspicious. If it looks only quaint and sweet, I wonder what’s hidden under the bedskirt. If it only looks naughty and kinky, I wonder whose bodies are hidden in the drum barrel under the house.

This bedroom set from Hive is the perfect mix. Their Guilty Pleasures set has a Hutch, Sideboard and End Tables, and the former two are sold in “dirty” and non-dirty options. The dirty ones are filled with filthy items likes whips and floggers and collars and ball gags. The clean ones come I think empty. I wouldn’t know, because I bought the dirty ones because obviously. But you’ll note that the furniture is a classic design that would fit really easily in most homes, modern or antiquey. Versatility, as with most things, is an always valuable asset.

A theme in this home — Hardwick by Apple Fall –that I’ve shown in previous posts is a comfy mixing of styles and genres. Here we have a massive neon sign with a gothic iron bed and some antiques and treats. You wouldn’t think they’d go together — but they do. And there is a subtle nod to that mélange of elements in the chocolate macarons on top of the sideboard, between the neon and the sideboard with harnesses and ball gags, because fox boys deserve a treat for good behaviour.


Don’t be afraid of a little kitsch with your filth! The Joan Crawford and Bette Davis figurines by Garbaggio are a good example of keeping a little levity in your boudoir. Because if you can’t laugh and bang at the same time sometimes, you’re probably doing it wrong.




Hardwick Manor – Apple Fall

Bedroom furniture (throughout):

gothic wrought iron bed [adult] – hive

Guilty Pleasures Sideboard Black//Dirty – hive

Guilty Pleasures End Table //Black – hive

Lunar Rug (Magick Shoppe set) – DRD

Star Curtain [Narrow / Blink] gold+silver – Oberon’s Trick

Picture 1 deco (L to R):

reused birdcage {iron} – tarte.

Princess Suite Big Teddy Bear [A] (Princess Suite gacha) – Stockholm&Lima

Nelly the Ele – Apple Fall

The Bae (Sassy Sentiments gacha) – [Commoner]

snow jar – glitter – [ keke ]

Game Dude Decor – Black – Le Primitif

Flatte Planter (Vindeluna gacha) – Plastik

Kerosene Lamp (New Beginnings gacha) – 8f8


Leather Moccasins – Apple Fall

Picture 2 deco (L to R):

Macarons on Sketchbook – Apple Fall

Carriage Clock (Mayfair gacha) – Apple Fall

08 Kneel (Cheeky Neons gacha) – [Krescendo]

macarons . v2 (PARIS gacha) – NOTsoBAD

incense (Georgia Summer gacha) – tarte.

Picture 3 deco (L to R):

Daffodils Jug – Apple Fall

Verra Mirror (Vindeluna gacha) – Plastik

Ralla Jewelry Holder (Vindeluna gacha) – Plastik

Ritual Candle (w/light effect) from the Witchy Clutter set – flowey x Teawood

sidetable darkbrown (Mystery Mansion gacha) – DRD

arch lamp. tall. – junk.

Monster Mother display (Dolls Movie Icons gacha) – Garbaggio

Faded Starlet display (Dolls Movie Icons gacha) – Garbaggio

Coffee & Muffin – Apple Fall


Deco & blog by the wolf.

Picture by the fox.

Go Green [Dining].


Every green kitchen needs a green dining space!

Since the Fox is a little brujo, I wanted a spread that was Mexican cuisine (is that racist? Am I appropriating my boyfriend’s culture and marginalising him? oop) to make it feel more homey. He and I also both share a love of food deco in SL, and these little treats from PLAAKA (and one from Toro) look nice. They also go a long way to contributing to that atmosphere of warmth any home needs.

Anyway, it’s a cosy little mouth-watering set-up. The darker wood from Plastik‘s Vindeluna gacha set (which is amazing) proves the universal design rule — that all wood can go with all wood. The wood here provides a nice complementary contrast with the light pine-ish wood from Dust Bunny‘s Small Spaces kitchen set, featured in the previous post. Interior design pet peeve: metal supports and accents do not make something “industrial” and this beautiful dining table proves it.


PLAAKA is one of the creators whose creations seem to get better and better with time. Their designs are fun and bright and, perhaps most importantly, distinct. Go check out their store, which is set up to sorta look like a bit of a workshop — an atelier, as the designer puts it. It feels intimate rather than commercial, like the creator invited you into their space.




Hardwick Manor – Apple Fall

Landscaping (Wall Vines):

Garden Vine02 – HPMD


Andras Dining Set RARE (Vindeluna gacha) – Plastik

MS (Magick Shoppe set) – Runes Rug – DRD

Areca palm plant – Dust Bunny @ faMESHed (til 27 July)

On the table:


Vegetable Bowl – Toro.

Place Settings from Forest Dining Set – ~BAZAR~


Deco & blog by the wolf.

Picture by the fox.


Go Green [Kitchen].


The idea for this overgrown, cluttered kitchen was inspired by the Fox, muse that he is, and is a nice bit of nature-y chaos befitting a green witch. It feels a little whimsical, maybe a little different, and kinda quirky. Not much here is exactly new to the grid, but SL is a treasure trove of creations and even something made a year or two ago can feel fresh and new when presented in a thoughtful way.

In Apple Fall‘s Hardwick Manor, the conservatory (featured in the previous post) is connected to this kitchen space and for that reason it felt natural to cover the walls here with vines (made by dreamy landscaping store HPMD). This greenwitchy theme continues through the house, with the central stairwell (to be featured in an upcoming post) being run over with them as well. Doing something like that — picking a theme and interweaving it throughout your living spaces — can lend you enough continuity to furnish the rooms in a home in different styles without seeming disjointed. For example, a vine-covered antiquey country kitchen that leads to a vine-covered sleek-chic modern salon would make two seemingly incongruous styles feel like they belong together.

I don’t know about you, but I like my kitchen spaces especially to feel lived-in. I don’t usually enjoy a clinical-looking kitchen with nothing on the counters, and for me at least, the clutter here reflects the sad state of affairs in my real kitchen. Except less pretty than this.

I’ve taken pieces from some of my all-time favourite creators and placed them lovingly here. These creators span a broad range of styles and periods, and I hope they show that sometimes things that aren’t necessarily supposed to go together sometimes make beautiful combinations.


People tend to think of Artisan Fantasy as a store predominantly for roleplay decor, but their amazing gacha sets and kitchen items have some of the best little details you can find for your kitchen in any setting or time period. Don’t miss it — it helps that the team behind *AF* is super friendly and often reaches out to customers to thank them for large purchases. They’ve also got a trade-your-gacha-for-no trans/copy versions policy which I think always says a lot about a creator’s kindness and the value placed on customers. And sometimes, kindness deserves a little extra business.




Hardwick Manor – Apple Fall

Landscaping (Wall Vines):

Garden Vine02 – HPMD


Small Spaces Kitchen – Dust Bunny (includes counters, island, sink, fridge, stove/oven)

*AF* Kitchen Shelves – Marble – Artisan Fantasy

Grass Rug – Dark Green – +Half-Deer+


On the shelf (L to R):

*AF* Kitchen Dishes – Cups – Artisan Fantasy

*AF* Kitchen Dishes – Plates – Artisan Fantasy

7. AF Bags of Flour (gacha) – Apple Fall

*AF* Kitchen Canisters – Artisan Fantasy

On the counter, wall & hanging items (L to R):

*AF* Herb Garden 8 – Post (Herb Garden gacha) – Artisan Fantasy

*AF* Kitchen Egg Basket – Artisan Fantasy

*AF* Kitchen Knife Rack – Artisan Fantasy

Plates GIFT (from Krakow gacha) – !gO!

Crete Succulents – ~BAZAR~

*AF* Kitchen Pitcher with Spoons – Artisan Fantasy

*AF* Kitchen Cutting Boards – Artisan Fantasy

*AF* Kitchen Scales – Artisan Fantasy

*AF* Kitchen Mortar & Pestle – Artisan Fantasy

*AF* Kitchen Basil – Artisan Fantasy

Vertical Herb Garden – Sari-Sari

Tiny succulents 3/ -6 (Green Means Life gacha) – {vespertine}

Mortar & Herbs – ionic

Mushrooms Pot – ionic

Mushrooms for cooking – ionic

kitchen crate / ingredients – {vespertine} on MP

Hanging Plant2 (Simple Comforts gacha) – Apt B //

Hanging lemon pot (sunlight kitchen gacha) – miwa’s airship

spatulas tin 2 (Spring Kitchenette gacha) – {vespertine}

Sliced Orange (gacha) – Toro.

apple pie (Wanderlust gacha) – Dust Bunny

A Pansy – creature flower on a tea cup (Mad Hatter Party! gacha) – SPELL

flower skull (Wanderlust gacha) – Dust Bunny

*AF* Kitchen Pot Rack – Artisan Fantasy

*AF* Kitchen Oil Bottles – Artisan Fantasy

Cauldron (New Beginnings gacha) – 8f8

metal box w thyme – [ keke ]

little plants 19 (Spring Kitchenette gacha) – {vespertine}

tiny succulents 1/ – 4 (Green Means Life gacha) – {vespertine}

Hanging Plant1 (Simple Comforts gacha) – Apt B //

*AF* Balloch Perch Herb Shelf ~ Weathered – Artisan Fantasy

*AF* Herbals – Herb Rack Weathered – Artisan Fantasy

kitchen crate / herbs – {vespertine} on MP

cake tin planter (Storybook Living gacha) – Dust Bunny

flower bulbs -7 (Green Means Life gacha) – {vespertine}

Drying Chillies – [Merak]

Hanging Garlic – [Merak]

Coffe Corner w/materials – [Merak]

On the island (L to R):

crock pot black (Small Appliances gacha) – Second Spaces

*AF* Kitchen Pitcher with Lavendar – Artisan Fantasy

shopping bag 18 (Spring Kitchenette gacha) – {vespertine}

PICTURE 2 (on the floor against the window, L to R):

Coffee Bean Sack – Apple Fall

Juliette’s Fruit Stand (Juliette’s Summer Plaza gacha) – Kalopsia

*AF* Kitchen Crate – Tomatoes – Artisan Fantasy

*AF* Kitchen Crate – Cucumber – Artisan Fantasy

*AF* Kitchen Crate – Carrots – Artisan Fantasy

Onions & Potatoes shelf (Northern Life gacha) – ionic


Deco & blog by the wolf.

Picture by the fox.

A Conservatory’s Solace.


A conservatory should be a place of solace, where the boundary between you and Mother Nature is only a wall of glass. It’s an observatory where you can select the life that inhabits your home space and view the life that exists outside of it from the coccoon of your own home. It’s a place for peace, reflection and — by the very purpose of its design — growth.

In this warm, antiquey room in Apple Fall‘s classic Hardwick Manor build, I’ve set it up to double as a breakfast nook. Tucked away in the back of the house, it feels private and intimate — and the decor here should reflect that intimacy.

As with most things I do, there’s a bit of the personal here. When you live with a clever Fox of a boy with boundless energy and a breezy attention span, things can be… untidy! But I like it; I find that it provides a happy break from overthought order. The representative of that here is the Fox’s spilled cereal (by the ever-charming Second Spaces) juxtaposed with my orderly, practical breakfast tray (by one of my emerging favourites Di’Cor). I imagine he saw a bird fly by the window and his head whipped so hard to follow it that his arm flung out — as it is wont to do — and knocked over his own cereal bowl rather than somehow smacking his own face like he usually does.

In this, my first blog post, I will say that the pursuit of warmth in a virtual world is my ultimate deco-goal. I think warmth sustains humans, and I’ve found that some thoughtfully placed pixels given to us by the imaginative minds of the creators of Second Life can bring it to us in a way that replicates the feeling of warmth we get from the real world. And that, after all, is the highest aspiration of SL at its core.


Don’t miss out on a trip to +Half-Deer+. Their grass rug featured here is one-of-a-kind on the grid, and the store is filled with tons of other warmth-providing, charm-filled items.




Hardwick Manor – Apple Fall


Enchanted Woods (4 Season Trees) – Studio Skye

Furniture & Decor:

Mary Patio Set [Iron] (includes flower vase and tray) – Di’Cor

Spilled Cereal [Life’s A Mess gacha] – Second Spaces

Pink Medinilla Plant – Dust Bunny @ faMESHed (til 27 July)

Grass Rug – Dark Green – +Half-Deer+

Twinkling glitter lights log – bare wood – [ keke ]


Deco & blog by the wolf.

Picture by the fox.