Wolf & Fox’s Summer Picnic.


It’s a pleasure to show off these beautiful shots (the Fox literally took and edited these photos in approximately two point three minutes while I watched youtube gape-mouthed the entire time he worked on them) of this brand new gacha set, *AF* Picnic by our faves over at Artisan Fantasy.

This is a release for the Gacha Garden, which opens 1 Aug, so I hope you’ll enjoy a sneak peek at how truly exquisitely created these items are and how beautiful they’ll look at your home spaces or on your sims. It’s perfect for a park setting, your back garden, inside your shabby chic kitchen. Wherever. Flaw-free is flaw-free wherever you put it.

This also gives me the opportunity to post the first in the current Wolf & Fox deco project, a Tuscan village and farmscape where this lovely little picnic will stay set up among the sunflowers, geese and poppies keeping our hearts summery warm all project long.

Also, I normally hate deco posts with people in them, BUT LOOK. The gacha set has two quilts (which is textured very obviously lovingly) in Adult and PG, and also! The little cart with the junior sized quilt has really cute poses too. So we just had to show some of what you get when you play this gacha and give you a reason to try hard for those rares because they’re worth it. And there’s a paper lantern gift at the event for you too! And another fun fact: the wine bottle labels match the ones from the Inn gacha. Build yourself a little Artisan Winery Fantasy.

And every bit of it is highly photogenic, as you can see. Zoom in on the close-ups and see for yourself. No flaws detected. It’s such a pleasure to blog about and share something that is truly among the best of the best that SL’s creators have to offer.




*AF* Picnic 1 – Blanket and Pillows RARE ADULT

*AF* Picnic 1 – Blanket and Pillows RARE PG

*AF* Picnic 2 – Cart RARE

*AF* Picnic 3 – Wine Barrel

*AF* Picnic 4 – Lemonade Barrel

*AF* Picnic 5 – Deviled Eggs

*AF* Picnic 6 – Sandwich Basket

*AF* Picnic 7 – Fruit & Cheese

*AF* Picnic 8 – Dessert (not pictured but just as cute as everything else tbh)

*AF* Picnic 9 – Personal Tray

*AF* Picnic 10 – Basket Stack

*AF* Picnic 11 – Bird Watching Seed of Inspiration

*AF* Picnic Basket Seat


Other decor items:

Farm Cart (Primavera in Toscana gacha) – 8f8

Ruins (New Beginnings gacha) – 8f8

First Swim (New Beginnings gacha) – 8f8

Geese (New Beginnings gacha) – 8f8

Cat – 19 Cuddling Pair RARE – (fd)



LemonTreeV1 – LittleBranch

Hydrangea Bush – JIAN

SunFlower Field M2 v1-3 – Hayabusa Design

grass field green 03 – random – [ we’re CLOSED ]

RedPoppies{Field} – LittleBranch

OliveTree – LittleBranch

Mediterranean Cypress – Botanical

Boxwood Bush v2 – Botanical

Terrain textures by HPMD


Blog & deco by the wolf.

Pictures by the fox.


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