Inn Dreams Pt. II


Here is the second half of the Inn from the previous post, this time a guest room. I like to imagine my guests curling up in the amazing Conquistador bed by Artisan Fantasy with a tour book and plotting the next day of their romantic minibreak with their special someone.

The arrangement of this room is more fox than wolf, which is sort of appropriate: having an Inn is my dream, and my fox boy helps me realise my dreams a little more every day. When papi wolffie was tired, there he was, creating this dreamy set up and giving our united SL another example of a good couple’s teamwork.

I couldn’t dream of a better partner to run my dream Inn with.


Nothing to do with deco or SL, and I really don’t want to be a Smug Couple person or act like I have all or even any answers, but when you find The One, two things I think I’ve learned: a) you’ll know it like you never knew anything before, and b) hang on to him or her for dear life. And another thing: I always liked SL, but I never knew it could bring RL love into my life. It can, and it did. I love you, mijo.

Next on Wolf & Fox Living…

A brand new gacha set from our faves at Artisan Fantasy gets the Wolf & Fox treatment.




Inn Luggage Cart (The Inn gacha)

Conquistador Bed Adult (comes with curtains and without)

Conquistador Screen Adult

Capturado Scrollwork

Conquistador Chair Adult

** All Conquistador items come with texture changing hud with lots of great fabric colour options.


Other items:

Traditional Fireplace – INDULGE

Beauty of Travel Art Stack – INDULGE

eiffel tower marquee – floorplan.

wall compass – brocante.


Blog by the wolf.

Deco & picture by the fox.


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