[Second] Living my dream.


For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be an innkeeper. Some quiet life where I help tourists find the sights and recommend nice places to eat, help guests have a good holiday, and I think it comes from my family. Since I was little, my family always took my sisters and I on trips. Even when we were small, and my mom and dad were dirt poor, they’d take us somewhere. To teach us about the world, or teach us the value of relaxing, the value of spending time together with people you love and who love you back.

When I started creating this charming little village with the fox on our little sim, I thought about how nice it might be to replicate that here. Just another way for SL to help us dream. I’ll blog more about the village later, but this one (and the one that will follow about the guestroom) is just for the Inn. I named it Auberge Jonquière, after a little city in Québec that I used to work in and that I still love with my whole heart. And thanks to Apple Fall‘s handy Nickel Letters set, I was able to make it look nice.

But what really made me able to realise this little dream of mine properly is the creations available to us in Second Life — heavy wood counters with beautiful marble, wooden tables, comfy couches for resting in a lobby with a cosy fireplace. And those things here are all the work of Artisan Fantasy. Throughout the Inn was able to use pieces from four sets from *AF* that complemented each other seamlessly — the Inn, Conquistador, Capturado, and Hacienda. They’re surprisingly versatile — I used to use the Inn set in a Santorini-style build I had, I used the Hacienda set in the Del Mar house by Redgrave (it’s PERFECT for that by the way) and I have used that Capturado Scrollwork just about everywhere. There are bits and pieces by other places of course to fill in the gaps needed, but in this post, I’ll arrange the credits differently since most are the work of the Artisan Fantasy team.

Also please note the street scene, where you can see adverts I’ve put in for weaves by Tami Roman and the ill-fated clothing line She by Shereé. Mostly to amuse the fox and I, but if there are any House-or-Basketball-Wives fans out there, that one’s for you.

If you look in the store below the Auberge, you can see it’s called Lemmon / Olsonne Bougie Wine & Cheese Imports. Special shout out to my friends Brinks and Kylie, for whom it was named.


The animations featured in the Conquistador and Capturado sets are… I’m just going to say delicious? If you like your filthy poses with elegant antique décor, look no further. Another great little thing about the two rares from the Inn set — the registration desk and the inn key cabinet — is that the desk has a safe that opens and in the Inn Cabinet’s cubbies open to stash little things in. So cute! AND for only 3 LI and 6 LI, respectively.

Next on Wolf & Fox Living…

A peek inside the Auberge Jonquière’s Artisan Fantasy-inspired hotel room.



Interior Picture 1:



from The Inn gacha set:

*AF* Inn Key Cabinet RARE

*AF* Inn Back Counter

*AF* Inn Registration Desk RARE

*AF* Inn Wine Rack

*AF* Inn Lamp

*AF* Inn Front Desk Bell

*AF* Inn Registration Book

*AF* Inn Welcome Slate

*AF* Inn Wine Bottles


*AF* Hacienda Sconce 1 & 2

*AF* Hanging Plant – Pothos


Other pieces:

Room Key E 1 (gacha) – SORGO

Nickel Letters Set (for the Auberge sign I put together) – Apple Fall

more list – brocante. 


Interior Picture 2:


*AF* Tea Cart

*AF* Inn Foot Rug (The Inn gacha)

*AF* Hacienda Console

All other items credited under Picture 1.


Interior Picture 3:


*AF* Hacienda Coffee Table

*AF* Conquistador Couch Adult

*AF* Conquistador Chair Adult

*AF* Hacienda End Table

*AF* Conquistador Lamp

*AF* Money Plant Large

*AF* Hacienda Rug


Other pieces:

unfinished wallpaper / mural – brocante.

Traveler-Roman amphora – ~BAZAR~

Traveler-Book&Clock – ~BAZAR~


Interior Picture 4:


*AF* Hacienda Console

*AF* Hacienda Coffee Table

*AF* Conquistador Couch Adult

*AF* Conquistador Chair Adult

*AF* Hacienda Candles 5

*AF* Hacienda Fireplace – Medium White (tinted)

*AF* Houseplant Dieffenbachia with Shadow

*AF* Hacienda Chandelier

*AF* Milltown Hand Blown Glass Sculpture

*AF* Houseplant Spathiphyllum with Shadow


Other pieces:

Traveler-Books stack – ~BAZAR~


Exterior shot:

Carnaby Row Store – Apple Fall

Park Bench (Cafe in the Park gacha) – RARE – [[ RH ]] (modified to include Tami’s Weaves and She by Shereé)

Chelsea Sign Metal (NY Collection gacha) – BUENO

7 – Vacancy Sign (gacha) – Seven Emporium


Deco & blog by the wolf.

Picture by the fox.


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