Dark-sided stuff.


What do two curmudgeonly recluses need in their attic? Besides arsenic cookies, a living room built for two with a solitary naughty chair and a storage stash fit for a pair who dabbles in the dark-sided.

Rounding out the featured deco of the Hardwick build is this attic loft which is stuffed with a magic-and-crescent-moon theme of great deco items from some of the best stores on the grid for this kind of witchy appeal. As ever, I’m inspired by my little brujo, who I swear has some sort of psychic ability and who lends a touch of the supernatural to everything he does. He’s got an uncanny ability to suss people out, and a keen observer who sees a little too much in people needs a hideaway perch where the rest of the world shuts out and can be left alone with the enchanted and the dust.

This space was also a good exercise in using large pieces from similar sets to fill a space. Most of the items on the tables and bookshelves are linked in, and so it gives a tired decorator a bit of an easier time in making a room feel full.


The armchair from Tidbits by Kalma Shinn is really nicely textured, and there’s a zillion juicy animations inside — lapdances in particular, some BDSM, some lovely cuddles — all for a reasonable price. Tidbits has yet to make a lot of traction in deco circles, but they perhaps deserve a breakthrough in the nice-meets-naughty niche. Check out her store. She’s a great example of an old school SL creator who’s still doing her own thing without participating in so many of the big events. She’s a self-taught creator who doesn’t have bigtime sponsors, and while that used to be sustainable in SL, the advent of event-shopping has made it hard for small businesses to stake their claim on a piece of the deco market. I think when something is created with heart out of sheer love of creating, it deserves attention. She might lack name recognition right now, but she makes up for it with content in spades.

Next time on Wolf & Fox…

A look at the seamless combo abilities in three of Artisan Fantasy‘s sets.




Hardwick Manor – Apple Fall

Landscaping (Wall Vines):

Garden Vine02 – HPMD

Picture 1 (L to R):

Spell Supply – Divider (Magick Shoppe set) – DRD

Lap Dance Chair *Chesterfield* – Tidbits

Trappe Shelves w/Clutter RARE (Vindeluna gacha) – Plastik

blanket ladder (Wanderlust gacha) – Dust Bunny

crescent moons [gold] (Something Sinister gacha) – hive

Compulsion Plant 1 (Compulsion Plant set) – Compulsion

Cresce Planter:// Dark (Vindeluna gacha) – Plastik

Birdy SideTable – GA Home

Magic Potions – SPELL (sale on now!)

*AF* Hanging Plant – Pothos – Artisan Fantasy

Tri Witch Supplies RARE (Vindeluna gacha) – Plastik

Picture 2 (L to R):

Hanging Herbs (gacha) – (fd)

darling hanging plant – Dust Bunny

Rustic Painted Shelf – White (Worn White Bracket) – +Half-Deer+

Potions – SPELL (sale on now!)

Claw Foot Crystal Holder:// Dark (Vindeluna gacha) – Plastik

Rholite Succulents (Vindeluna gacha) – Plastik

Cresce Planter:// Light (Vindeluna gacha) – Plastik

Picture 3 (L to R):

*AF* Hanging Plant – Pothos – Artisan Fantasy

Tri Witch Supplies RARE (Vindeluna gacha) – Plastik

Charlottes Shelf (Vagabond gacha) – DRD

Moona Shelves & Decor RARE (Vindeluna gacha) – Plastik

Picture 4 (L to R):

raw crystal chandelier – dark – [ keke ]

Eowyns Storage (Vagabond gacha) – DRD

Front Counter (Magick Shoppe set) – DRD

Hellam Succulent Bowl – The Loft

Laurel ritual – SPELL (sale on now!)

Potion Cabinet (The Witching Hour gacha) – MadPea

Spell Supply – Display Two (Magick Shoppe set) – DRD


Deco & blog by the wolf.

Picture by the fox.


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