Up the Down [green] Staircase.


In my post about the kitchen, I talked about how I carried the green theme from the conservatory and kitchen space all throughout the Hardwick build via the staircase in the centre of the house. As mentioned before, I think it lends some continuity of design theme to the project and helps keep it focused so that you can safely wander off to explore different styles and themes in one house without losing too much of what makes it flow.

The greens in the HPMD vine set are really pretty in here, set against the cracked plaster wall, with nothing competing with them. In the kitchen, they were the backdrop, but here, they’re the centrepiece. They function perfectly in both roles.

Through the archway you can peek into the little magic nook where the fox boy and I cook up some of our potions. Mostly to make each other laugh or seduce each other but maybe a devious little scheme here and there. The couple who plots together stays together.

I’m one of those decorators who loves clutter, but as this lovely picture taken by the fox showcases, a little breathing room goes a long way.


Are you not bougie but want people to think you are? Deluded enough like me to fancy yourself among the gods and wish to keep company with another one? Feeling just a little tacky for fun but not in the mood for a full on Persian Conversion? Throw in a statue of Aphrodite, like this gorgeous one from MedievalFantasy. Here we see the goddess of love glowering disdainfully at our insufficient offering of mere flower petals in a tin tub.




Hardwick Manor – Apple Fall

Landscaping (Wall Vines):

Garden Vine02 – HPMD

Aphrodite & the offering:

Clothed aphrodite statue – MedievalFantasy

Rose Bucket (New Beginnings gacha) – 8f8

Climbing Plant Green (gacha) – (fd)

chandelier [metal] – hive

In the nook through the archway (L to R:

Swivel Hourglass (Vindeluna gacha) – Plastik

industrial wall light – masonjar – DRD

Hanging Lavender (Apothecary gacha) – Artisan Fantasy

candle drop 1 gold & candle drop 2 gold – revival

boho curtain. – junk.

Star Curtain [Narrow / Blink] gold+silver – Oberon’s Trick

Brujas {Table set} Light Wood – ionic

Quare Planter (Vindeluna gacha) – Plastik

shimmer dust – [ keke ]

Woollen Rug – [ zerkalo ]


Deco & blog by the wolf.

Picture by the fox.


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