Dirty Charm.


Who says you can’t be a little bit filthy and not still a little bit quaint? Not every kinkster’s bedroom has to look like some sort of red-draped bordello-style den of iniquity. This room is a comfortable mix of old and new, dark and light, naughty and nice.

No person is only one thing, and whenever I see a bedroom designed to look like just one thing I’m a little suspicious. If it looks only quaint and sweet, I wonder what’s hidden under the bedskirt. If it only looks naughty and kinky, I wonder whose bodies are hidden in the drum barrel under the house.

This bedroom set from Hive is the perfect mix. Their Guilty Pleasures set has a Hutch, Sideboard and End Tables, and the former two are sold in “dirty” and non-dirty options. The dirty ones are filled with filthy items likes whips and floggers and collars and ball gags. The clean ones come I think empty. I wouldn’t know, because I bought the dirty ones because obviously. But you’ll note that the furniture is a classic design that would fit really easily in most homes, modern or antiquey. Versatility, as with most things, is an always valuable asset.

A theme in this home — Hardwick by Apple Fall –that I’ve shown in previous posts is a comfy mixing of styles and genres. Here we have a massive neon sign with a gothic iron bed and some antiques and treats. You wouldn’t think they’d go together — but they do. And there is a subtle nod to that mélange of elements in the chocolate macarons on top of the sideboard, between the neon and the sideboard with harnesses and ball gags, because fox boys deserve a treat for good behaviour.


Don’t be afraid of a little kitsch with your filth! The Joan Crawford and Bette Davis figurines by Garbaggio are a good example of keeping a little levity in your boudoir. Because if you can’t laugh and bang at the same time sometimes, you’re probably doing it wrong.




Hardwick Manor – Apple Fall

Bedroom furniture (throughout):

gothic wrought iron bed [adult] – hive

Guilty Pleasures Sideboard Black//Dirty – hive

Guilty Pleasures End Table //Black – hive

Lunar Rug (Magick Shoppe set) – DRD

Star Curtain [Narrow / Blink] gold+silver – Oberon’s Trick

Picture 1 deco (L to R):

reused birdcage {iron} – tarte.

Princess Suite Big Teddy Bear [A] (Princess Suite gacha) – Stockholm&Lima

Nelly the Ele – Apple Fall

The Bae (Sassy Sentiments gacha) – [Commoner]

snow jar – glitter – [ keke ]

Game Dude Decor – Black – Le Primitif

Flatte Planter (Vindeluna gacha) – Plastik

Kerosene Lamp (New Beginnings gacha) – 8f8


Leather Moccasins – Apple Fall

Picture 2 deco (L to R):

Macarons on Sketchbook – Apple Fall

Carriage Clock (Mayfair gacha) – Apple Fall

08 Kneel (Cheeky Neons gacha) – [Krescendo]

macarons . v2 (PARIS gacha) – NOTsoBAD

incense (Georgia Summer gacha) – tarte.

Picture 3 deco (L to R):

Daffodils Jug – Apple Fall

Verra Mirror (Vindeluna gacha) – Plastik

Ralla Jewelry Holder (Vindeluna gacha) – Plastik

Ritual Candle (w/light effect) from the Witchy Clutter set – flowey x Teawood

sidetable darkbrown (Mystery Mansion gacha) – DRD

arch lamp. tall. – junk.

Monster Mother display (Dolls Movie Icons gacha) – Garbaggio

Faded Starlet display (Dolls Movie Icons gacha) – Garbaggio

Coffee & Muffin – Apple Fall


Deco & blog by the wolf.

Picture by the fox.


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