Go Green [Kitchen].


The idea for this overgrown, cluttered kitchen was inspired by the Fox, muse that he is, and is a nice bit of nature-y chaos befitting a green witch. It feels a little whimsical, maybe a little different, and kinda quirky. Not much here is exactly new to the grid, but SL is a treasure trove of creations and even something made a year or two ago can feel fresh and new when presented in a thoughtful way.

In Apple Fall‘s Hardwick Manor, the conservatory (featured in the previous post) is connected to this kitchen space and for that reason it felt natural to cover the walls here with vines (made by dreamy landscaping store HPMD). This greenwitchy theme continues through the house, with the central stairwell (to be featured in an upcoming post) being run over with them as well. Doing something like that — picking a theme and interweaving it throughout your living spaces — can lend you enough continuity to furnish the rooms in a home in different styles without seeming disjointed. For example, a vine-covered antiquey country kitchen that leads to a vine-covered sleek-chic modern salon would make two seemingly incongruous styles feel like they belong together.

I don’t know about you, but I like my kitchen spaces especially to feel lived-in. I don’t usually enjoy a clinical-looking kitchen with nothing on the counters, and for me at least, the clutter here reflects the sad state of affairs in my real kitchen. Except less pretty than this.

I’ve taken pieces from some of my all-time favourite creators and placed them lovingly here. These creators span a broad range of styles and periods, and I hope they show that sometimes things that aren’t necessarily supposed to go together sometimes make beautiful combinations.


People tend to think of Artisan Fantasy as a store predominantly for roleplay decor, but their amazing gacha sets and kitchen items have some of the best little details you can find for your kitchen in any setting or time period. Don’t miss it — it helps that the team behind *AF* is super friendly and often reaches out to customers to thank them for large purchases. They’ve also got a trade-your-gacha-for-no trans/copy versions policy which I think always says a lot about a creator’s kindness and the value placed on customers. And sometimes, kindness deserves a little extra business.




Hardwick Manor – Apple Fall

Landscaping (Wall Vines):

Garden Vine02 – HPMD


Small Spaces Kitchen – Dust Bunny (includes counters, island, sink, fridge, stove/oven)

*AF* Kitchen Shelves – Marble – Artisan Fantasy

Grass Rug – Dark Green – +Half-Deer+


On the shelf (L to R):

*AF* Kitchen Dishes – Cups – Artisan Fantasy

*AF* Kitchen Dishes – Plates – Artisan Fantasy

7. AF Bags of Flour (gacha) – Apple Fall

*AF* Kitchen Canisters – Artisan Fantasy

On the counter, wall & hanging items (L to R):

*AF* Herb Garden 8 – Post (Herb Garden gacha) – Artisan Fantasy

*AF* Kitchen Egg Basket – Artisan Fantasy

*AF* Kitchen Knife Rack – Artisan Fantasy

Plates GIFT (from Krakow gacha) – !gO!

Crete Succulents – ~BAZAR~

*AF* Kitchen Pitcher with Spoons – Artisan Fantasy

*AF* Kitchen Cutting Boards – Artisan Fantasy

*AF* Kitchen Scales – Artisan Fantasy

*AF* Kitchen Mortar & Pestle – Artisan Fantasy

*AF* Kitchen Basil – Artisan Fantasy

Vertical Herb Garden – Sari-Sari

Tiny succulents 3/ -6 (Green Means Life gacha) – {vespertine}

Mortar & Herbs – ionic

Mushrooms Pot – ionic

Mushrooms for cooking – ionic

kitchen crate / ingredients – {vespertine} on MP

Hanging Plant2 (Simple Comforts gacha) – Apt B //

Hanging lemon pot (sunlight kitchen gacha) – miwa’s airship

spatulas tin 2 (Spring Kitchenette gacha) – {vespertine}

Sliced Orange (gacha) – Toro.

apple pie (Wanderlust gacha) – Dust Bunny

A Pansy – creature flower on a tea cup (Mad Hatter Party! gacha) – SPELL

flower skull (Wanderlust gacha) – Dust Bunny

*AF* Kitchen Pot Rack – Artisan Fantasy

*AF* Kitchen Oil Bottles – Artisan Fantasy

Cauldron (New Beginnings gacha) – 8f8

metal box w thyme – [ keke ]

little plants 19 (Spring Kitchenette gacha) – {vespertine}

tiny succulents 1/ – 4 (Green Means Life gacha) – {vespertine}

Hanging Plant1 (Simple Comforts gacha) – Apt B //

*AF* Balloch Perch Herb Shelf ~ Weathered – Artisan Fantasy

*AF* Herbals – Herb Rack Weathered – Artisan Fantasy

kitchen crate / herbs – {vespertine} on MP

cake tin planter (Storybook Living gacha) – Dust Bunny

flower bulbs -7 (Green Means Life gacha) – {vespertine}

Drying Chillies – [Merak]

Hanging Garlic – [Merak]

Coffe Corner w/materials – [Merak]

On the island (L to R):

crock pot black (Small Appliances gacha) – Second Spaces

*AF* Kitchen Pitcher with Lavendar – Artisan Fantasy

shopping bag 18 (Spring Kitchenette gacha) – {vespertine}

PICTURE 2 (on the floor against the window, L to R):

Coffee Bean Sack – Apple Fall

Juliette’s Fruit Stand (Juliette’s Summer Plaza gacha) – Kalopsia

*AF* Kitchen Crate – Tomatoes – Artisan Fantasy

*AF* Kitchen Crate – Cucumber – Artisan Fantasy

*AF* Kitchen Crate – Carrots – Artisan Fantasy

Onions & Potatoes shelf (Northern Life gacha) – ionic


Deco & blog by the wolf.

Picture by the fox.


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