Go Green [Dining].


Every green kitchen needs a green dining space!

Since the Fox is a little brujo, I wanted a spread that was Mexican cuisine (is that racist? Am I appropriating my boyfriend’s culture and marginalising him? oop) to make it feel more homey. He and I also both share a love of food deco in SL, and these little treats from PLAAKA (and one from Toro) look nice. They also go a long way to contributing to that atmosphere of warmth any home needs.

Anyway, it’s a cosy little mouth-watering set-up. The darker wood from Plastik‘s Vindeluna gacha set (which is amazing) proves the universal design rule — that all wood can go with all wood. The wood here provides a nice complementary contrast with the light pine-ish wood from Dust Bunny‘s Small Spaces kitchen set, featured in the previous post. Interior design pet peeve: metal supports and accents do not make something “industrial” and this beautiful dining table proves it.


PLAAKA is one of the creators whose creations seem to get better and better with time. Their designs are fun and bright and, perhaps most importantly, distinct. Go check out their store, which is set up to sorta look like a bit of a workshop — an atelier, as the designer puts it. It feels intimate rather than commercial, like the creator invited you into their space.




Hardwick Manor – Apple Fall

Landscaping (Wall Vines):

Garden Vine02 – HPMD


Andras Dining Set RARE (Vindeluna gacha) – Plastik

MS (Magick Shoppe set) – Runes Rug – DRD

Areca palm plant – Dust Bunny @ faMESHed (til 27 July)

On the table:


Vegetable Bowl – Toro.

Place Settings from Forest Dining Set – ~BAZAR~


Deco & blog by the wolf.

Picture by the fox.



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