A Conservatory’s Solace.


A conservatory should be a place of solace, where the boundary between you and Mother Nature is only a wall of glass. It’s an observatory where you can select the life that inhabits your home space and view the life that exists outside of it from the coccoon of your own home. It’s a place for peace, reflection and — by the very purpose of its design — growth.

In this warm, antiquey room in Apple Fall‘s classic Hardwick Manor build, I’ve set it up to double as a breakfast nook. Tucked away in the back of the house, it feels private and intimate — and the decor here should reflect that intimacy.

As with most things I do, there’s a bit of the personal here. When you live with a clever Fox of a boy with boundless energy and a breezy attention span, things can be… untidy! But I like it; I find that it provides a happy break from overthought order. The representative of that here is the Fox’s spilled cereal (by the ever-charming Second Spaces) juxtaposed with my orderly, practical breakfast tray (by one of my emerging favourites Di’Cor). I imagine he saw a bird fly by the window and his head whipped so hard to follow it that his arm flung out — as it is wont to do — and knocked over his own cereal bowl rather than somehow smacking his own face like he usually does.

In this, my first blog post, I will say that the pursuit of warmth in a virtual world is my ultimate deco-goal. I think warmth sustains humans, and I’ve found that some thoughtfully placed pixels given to us by the imaginative minds of the creators of Second Life can bring it to us in a way that replicates the feeling of warmth we get from the real world. And that, after all, is the highest aspiration of SL at its core.


Don’t miss out on a trip to +Half-Deer+. Their grass rug featured here is one-of-a-kind on the grid, and the store is filled with tons of other warmth-providing, charm-filled items.




Hardwick Manor – Apple Fall


Enchanted Woods (4 Season Trees) – Studio Skye

Furniture & Decor:

Mary Patio Set [Iron] (includes flower vase and tray) – Di’Cor

Spilled Cereal [Life’s A Mess gacha] – Second Spaces

Pink Medinilla Plant – Dust Bunny @ faMESHed (til 27 July)

Grass Rug – Dark Green – +Half-Deer+

Twinkling glitter lights log – bare wood – [ keke ]


Deco & blog by the wolf.

Picture by the fox.


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